Bourbon Original Mix Balm Roll 17 bags
Contains 17 bags of balm roll, chocolate & coffee (chocolate biscuits), chocolate & coffee (coffee biscuits), rumando, chocolate, alfort, white lolita, erise (chocolate), erise (white).
Assorted 9 types of Bourbon original cookies
Nisshin Violet Hakurikiko Cake Flour 2.2lbs (1kg)
A specially selected weak wheat flour that is white in color and has a fine texture. The cake will be softer and the tempura will be crisper. With a zipper that is easy to open and close and convenient for storage.
Sanko Seika Mochi Zukuri Rice Cracker mix
Lightly salted "salad okaki". "Soy sauce okaki" with a mellow soy sauce flavor. "Zarame Okaki" with a sweet and sour taste. "Black seaweed roll" made with dashi soy sauce. Please enjoy the four flavors that are cute and have a nicely baked shape.
Sanko Seika Okaki Mochi Nori Shoyu
12 sheets
Slowly baked rice cakes with black sesame and green laver are finished with a mellow salad soy sauce flavor. Please enjoy the texture and flavor unique to the pestle manufacturing method. Enjoy it with the special soy sauce flavor of Momoya "It's rice!"
House Foods Barley Tea No Caffeine 16pk
16 bags
Barley tea is a well-known tea in Japan that contains no caffeine. A blend of light and deep roasted barley and roasted naked barley gives this tea a fragrant aroma and flavorful taste in every sip. Contains 16 tea bags