AGF Blendy Stick Cafe Au Lait 30 sticks
A stick with a creamy and sweet taste that you can enjoy in a mug size. With this one, you can easily enjoy a full-fledged taste every day.
It is a large-capacity size of cafe au lait with a rich taste that you can easily enjoy every day with plenty of nice mug size.
Meiji Macadamia Chocolate 64g
Macadamia nuts are called "King of nuts" because of their elegant and deep taste.The delicious macadamia is combined with chocolate in the best balance so that you can enjoy it more deliciously.
Lotte Choco Pie
1 box = 6pcs (192g)
Original chocolate cream
Vanilla cream sandwiched by moist cake and covered in chocolate
Individually wrapped
Great bento or lunch snacks
Ash Sakusaku Shio(Salt)
Last items in stock
16 sheets
Tomishigeya Sakusaku saltinessMade from 100% paddy rice glutinous rice and seasoned with uncle's salt It's a deep-fried rice paddle.
Bourbon Baum Roll 3.7oz
7 Rolls
Moist and soft mini roll cake
Mini roll cake in mellow white cream
Bourbon Elise Family Pack
Rich chocolate cream and mellow white cream
A wafer with a crispy and light texture that wraps rich chocolate cream and mellow white cream
Kuki Kurogoma Latte 150g
Kuki Black Sesame Latte
Approximately 6,000 black sesame seeds are used for one cup of black sesame latte (15 g)! Black sesame latte with plenty of black sesame and domestic kinako, with a gentle sweetness of sugar.No additives are used, and it is rich in dietary fiber, calcium, and iron derived from sesame seeds. For a drink when you want to take a break.
Chocobi Crayon Shinchan Chocolate Puffy Snack
Chocolate biscuit Chocolate flavor
"Crayon Shin-chan"
Star-shaped corn puff snack
Classic chocolate flavor
Contain calcium
Animal cosplay sticker or there is at least one character sticker