Iwatsuka Kuromame Senbei Salt
10 sheets
A kata-yaki rice cracker containing round black beans. Finished with a light salty taste.
Sanko Seika Mochi Zukuri Rice Cracker mix
Lightly salted "salad okaki". "Soy sauce okaki" with a mellow soy sauce flavor. "Zarame Okaki" with a sweet and sour taste. "Black seaweed roll" made with dashi soy sauce. Please enjoy the four flavors that are cute and have a nicely baked shape.
Sanko Seika Tubuyori Komochi rice cracker mix
90g (6 bags)
Crispy baked white, shrimp, green laver, and sesame-containing shredded hail are seasoned with soy sauce, salad, and molasses. Mix the seaweed rolls there. It is a perfect dish for tea and snacks.
Sanko Seika Iso Meguri Rice Cracker Mix
24 sheets
The lightly grilled senbei, which is rich in green laver in the mouth, is finished with a mellow salty taste that brings out the flavor of kelp and bonito. Please enjoy the flavor of the ingredients and the grainy texture of the rice.