Sakuma Ichigo Milk Candies
A long-selling product born in 1970, wrapped in crispy milky millefeuille with milky pink strawberry candy. Enjoy the sourness of strawberries and the harmony of milk using the juice of Amaou from Fukuoka Prefecture, the "King of Strawberries". There is a little secret in the strawberry pattern on the wrapping paper ♪ Please pay attention to the pattern such as the shape of the strawberry. .
Wakahato Aji Zukushi Wheat Cracker 6.3oz
Japanese snacks such as snapper rice crackers, shrimp rice crackers, twists, and Daimaru are put together in one bag, so if you eat one bag, it's like conquering Japanese snacks.Come on occasion for snacks and sake.
Tokuno Milk 8.2 Candy 3.7oz
High in milk content and rich in flavor. Uses the finest milk from HokkaidoIndividually wrapped for portabilityOne of the most popular milk candies in Japan
Sakuma Matcha (green tea) Milk Candy 65g
"Matcha Milk" using Uji Matcha is now available from the classic Milk series! Uji Matcha candy with a good balance of sweetness and astringency is wrapped in crispy millefeuille, and you can enjoy two delicious candy in one. Perfect for Japanese souvenirs.
Asahi Calpis Milk Candy 78g
Uses French fermented butter!Adult luxurious milk candy using "Calpis""Calpis ® Milk Candy"
"Calpis ® Milk Candy" is a rich milk candy using "Calpis". Made with fermented butter from France for a luxurious taste. Fermented butter is a butter made by fermenting the raw material cream with lactic acid bacteria, and is said to increase the richness and flavor. Targeting women in their 30s and 50s with a luxurious taste for adults.
Meiji Chelsea Assorted Candy 93g
Flavor: Butterscotch, yogurt, coffee
Assorted rich butterscotch, refreshing yogurt scotch, and refreshing bitter coffee scotch.
Lotte Koume Plum Candy 68g
Plum Candy
"Koume" is a place where you can enjoy the three delicious flavors of sweet and sour love and sour plums.
Uses Nanko plum juice from Wakayama prefecture.