List of products by brand Alfort

Bourbon Alfort Mini Chocolate
Contents: 12 pieces
A combination of milk chocolate with a rich flavor and savory whole grain biscuits
Bourbon Alfort Family Pack 199g
199g (including individual packaging)
Two flavors of milk chocolate and rich milk chocolate
Roasting a digestive biscuit containing whole grains and combining it with chocolate
Bourbon Original Mix Balm Roll 17 bags
Contains 17 bags of balm roll, chocolate & coffee (chocolate biscuits), chocolate & coffee (coffee biscuits), rumando, chocolate, alfort, white lolita, erise (chocolate), erise (white).
Assorted 9 types of Bourbon original cookies
Bourbon Elise Family Pack
Rich chocolate cream and mellow white cream
A wafer with a crispy and light texture that wraps rich chocolate cream and mellow white cream