List of products by brand Ebara

Ebara Oroshi (radish) Sauce 270g
Contents: 270g
A versatile sauce with grated daikon radish that uses soy sauce as a base
Kelp and bonito in Japanese style
Brown rice black vinegar and lemon juice as a hidden flavor
No chemical seasoning added
Ebara Shougayaki Sauce 23g
Contents: 230g
A ginger-grilled sauce
Using grated ginger from Kochi prefecture with good flavor
Moderate sweetness and ginger scent go well with rice
Ebara Sukiyaki Sauce 300ml
Contents: 300ml
Combined with sugar and mirin to create a rich scent
Rich flavor made with the umami of dried bonito flakes
Ebara Yakitori Sauce 240g
Contents: 240g
Yakitori sauce
Slightly fragrant and shines well when used with a rough texture