List of products by brand DAISHO

Daisho Aji Shio Koshou Regular 225g
Contents: 225g
Taste: Salt and Pepper
The salt, pepper, and seasonings are blended in a well-balanced manner using a unique manufacturing method, so you can use it with a uniform taste until the end.Please use it as a seasoning for various dishes and as a finishing touch
Daisho Aji Shio Koshou No MSG 220g
Contents: 220g
Taste: Salt and Pepper (No chemical seasoning)
A well-balanced blend of salt and pepper with the umami of yeast extract and the flavor of roasted garlic.
Please use it as a seasoning for various dishes.
Daisho Aji Shio Koshou Arabiki Black Pepper
Contents: 210g
Taste: Salt and Pepper roughly ground black pepper
A well-balanced blend of coarsely ground black pepper, grain garlic, salt, and seasonings.
The spicy and fragrant taste can be used as a seasoning for dishes that you want to add spices to.
Daisho Onikuyasan no Karaageko
A water-soluble type with little oil stains. Simply dissolve in water and fry to make the batter crispy and the meat tender and juicy. It can be used for about 2 pieces of chicken thigh.