NOBEL Tapioca Milk Tea Candy 90g
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NOBEL Tapioca Milk Tea Candy 90g


Milk tea-flavored Candy

Chewy tapioca texture gummy

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It is a product that you can fully enjoy the world view of the popular tapioca drink. You can enjoy the authentic taste of the milk tea-flavored candy with the chewy tapioca texture gummy.

Internal capacity
JAN code

Nutrition facts label [Per grain (5.0 g)]

energy18.9kcalprotein0.05gFat0.18gcarbohydrate4.43gSalt equivalent0.01g

Ingredient name

Foods made mainly from sugar (domestic production), candy, milk, etc., dairy products, tea extracts, vegetable fats and oils, tapioca starch / sorbitol, sweetener (xylitol), fragrance, gelling agent (carrageenan), emulsifier, casein Na , Colorant (flavonoid), cellulose, thickener (carrageenan), whey salt, (some include dairy ingredients and soybeans)

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