Bourbon Baum Roll 3.7oz
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Bourbon Baum Roll 3.7oz

7 Rolls

Moist and soft mini roll cake

Mini roll cake in mellow white cream

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Balm roll

I wrapped the mini roll cake in mellow white cream. Enjoy the soft mouthfeel and milk-flavored harmony. It is a product that has been patronized for a long time since it was released in 1978.

Internal capacity


Raw materials

Wheat flour, margarine, whole egg, sugar, vegetable oil, grape sugar, skim milk powder, reduced water candy, lactose, isomerized liquid sugar, whey powder (including milk components), Western liquor / sorbitol, sake spirit, sodium casein (derived from milk), Emulsifier (derived from soybean), swelling agent, fragrance, colorant (carotene)

Per nutrition facts label (standard 13g)

energy     68 kcal
protein     0.7 g
Lipid     4.1 g
-Saturated fatty acids     2.3 g
carbohydrate     7 g
-Sugar     6.9 g
-Dietary fiber     0.1 g
Salt equivalent     0.06 g

Allergy information

wheat, Eggs, milk, soybeans

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