Fujiya Country Ma'am Family Pack
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Fujiya Country Ma'am Family Pack

Two flavors of vanilla and cocoa

Crispy outside and moist inside

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Country Ma'am Family Pack

Using plenty of homemade chocolate chips, it is a family size of "Country Ma'am" where you can enjoy the two textures of "crispy outside and moist inside" and the two flavors of vanilla and cocoa.

Internal capacity

20 sheets (10 vanilla sheets, 10 cocoa sheets)

Raw materials

<Vanilla> Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable fats and oils, chocolate chips (including milk components), reduced water candy, eggs, white paste (including milk components), full-fat soybean flour, defatted milk powder, water candy, salt, egg yolk (eggs) Includes), whole milk powder, foods made from milk, etc./processed starch, emulsifier (derived from milk / wheat / soybean), fragrance (derived from milk / soybean), stabilizer (processed starch), swelling agent, caramel pigment

<cocoa > Wheat flour, sugar, chocolate chips (including milk components), vegetable fats and oils, reduced water candy, cocoa, eggs, white sardines (including milk components), defatted milk powder, water candy, cacao mass, full-fat soybean flour, salt, egg yolk (including milk components) Foods / emulsifiers (derived from milk / wheat / soybeans), processed starches, fragrances (derived from milk / soybeans), stabilizers (processed starches), swelling agents

Per box of nutritional ingredients (10g)

Nutrition facts label
vanilla                                       cocoa
Per sheet (standard 10g)    Per sheet (standard 10g)
energy49kcal                           energy47kcal
protein0.5g                               protein0.5g
Lipid2.4g                                    Lipid2.2g
carbohydrate6.4g                  carbohydrate6.4g
Salt equivalent0.052g           Salt equivalent0.048g

Allergy information

Milk, Soy, Egg, Wheat

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