Mr.Ito Languly Vanilla Cream
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Mr.Ito Languly Vanilla Cream

ラングリー バニラクリーム

Rich vanilla cream is sandwiched between fine-grained cat tongue dough.

Contents: 12 sheets (3 sheets x 4 packs)

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Mr.Ito Languly Vanilla Cream

Rich vanilla cream is sandwiched in a fine-grained cat tongue dough.
The "Brown Edge *", which is created by carefully baking according to the condition of the dough, is a proof of its deliciousness and commitment.
(* Grilled eyes on the edge of the cat tongue)

Internal capacity

12 sheets (3 sheets x 4 packs)

Raw materials

Wheat flour (domestic production), processed fats and oils (sugar, vegetable oils and fats, starch decomposition products, defatted milk powder, whole milk powder), starch sugar (produced in Hokkaido), margarine, shortening, chicken eggs, egg white, salt / fragrance, emulsifier, (1) Contains wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, and soybeans)

Nutrition composition table per one

energy 58 kcal
protein 0.7 g
Lipid 3.1g
carbohydrate 6.7 g
Salt equivalent 0.05 g

Allergy information


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