Ginbis Asparagus Sesami Biscuits
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Ginbis Asparagus Sesami Biscuits

Contents: 135g

Crispy texture with a fragrant black sesame flavor

Salty taste

Good for light meal or snack

Contains calcium and dietary fiber

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Ginbis Asparagus Sesami Biscuits

Black sesame is fragrant! A long-selling stick biscuit.

It has a crispy texture with a fragrant black sesame flavor.
It has a salty taste and can be enjoyed not only as a snack but also as a light meal or snack.
Winner of the Monde Selection Gold Award!
It contains calcium and dietary fiber to give consideration to health.

Internal capacity


Nutrition facts label per 100g

energy     473kcal
protein     9.5g
Lipid     17.7g
carbohydrate     70.8g
Sugar     67.0g
Dietary fiber     3.8g
Salt equivalent     0.8g
calcium     190mg

Allergy information


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