Nissin Coconut Sable 20 Sheets
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Nissin Coconut Sable 20 Sheets


20 sheets (5 Sheets x 4 bags)

Crispy, richness and taste of coconut

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"Crispy, unpleasant deliciousness" by the carefully selected manufacturing method and formulation

It is a long-selling biscuits released in 1965. With the coconut oil kneading method, you can enjoy the richness and taste of coconut. Easy to mobile and easy to share, it is a subdivided package that you can enjoy a crispy texture at any time.

Internal capacity

20 sheets (5 sheets x 4 bags)

Raw materials

Wheat flour, sugar, shortening, coconut oil, coconut, salt, defatted milk powder / swelling agent, emulsifier (derived from soybean), fragrance

Nutritional component display [per 5 sheets]

energy    135kcal
protein    1.7g
Lipid    5.2g
carbohydrate    20.5g
Salt equivalent    0.28g

Allergy information

milk, Wheat, Soy

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