Riken Kombu Dashi 35g
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Riken Kombu Dashi 35g

Contents: 35g bag (5g stick x 7)

The Kelp powder uses Hokkaido kelp

No chemical seasoning

No salt added

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Material strength ®Konbudashi

The kelp powder uses Hokkaido kelp, and we are particular about its elegant aroma and umami. No chemical seasoning or salt is added.

Internal capacity

35g bag (5g stick x 7)

Raw material name

Name: Japanese-style sardine raw
material Name: Flavor raw material (kelp extract powder, kelp powder), starch decomposition product, sugar, yeast extract powder, starch, rice oil

Nutrition facts label - Per cup of miso soup (1g)

energy    3.41 kcal
protein    0.08 g
Lipid    0.006 g
Saturated fatty acids    0.001 g
carbohydrate    0.78 g
Carbohydrate    0.76 g
Dietary fiber    0.02 g
Salt equivalent    0.04 g
potassium    35.6 mg
Rin    4.6 mg

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