Higashimaru Udon Soup 6bags
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Higashimaru Udon Soup 6bags

Contents: 6 bags

Kansai soup stock

Eastern Limited (Tokyo)

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Kansai soup stock

Eastern limited (Tokyo) - 6 bags

Udon soup that has been loved by everyone for over 50 years since its release.
You can make delicious udon soup just by pouring hot water.

The delicious taste with plenty of soup stock is
very convenient because it can be used not only for standard udon noodles but also for various dishes.
I also introduce a lot of recipes.

Find your favorite dish with udon soup.

"Udon soup" allows you to easily enjoy the flavorful udon soup just by dissolving it in hot water.
This authentic Kansai-style udon noodles are made with the umami of Hokkaido kelp and the richness of dried bonito flakes, and finished with this brewed light soy sauce.

Because it is soup stock, it can be widely used for various menus such as soup stock, omelet rolls, cooked rice, chawanmushi, and oden.

Internal capacity

6 bags

Raw material name

Organic soybeans (USA) (not genetically modified), organic wheat, salt

Nutritional Components

energy   15kcal
protein  1.5g
Lipid  0.0g
carbohydrate  2.0g
Dietary fiber  0.2g
Carbohydrate  1.8g
Salt equivalent (converted from sodium amount)  2.4g

Allergy information

Wheat, Soy

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