Shiboritate Nama Shoyu Smooth Aromatic Soy Sauce
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Shiboritate Nama Shoyu Smooth Aromatic Soy Sauce


Nam Shoyu

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Shiboritate Nama Shoyu Smooth Aromatic Soy Sauce

Unlike ordinary soy sauce, it is freshly squeezed raw soy sauce that has not been fired (heat treated).
It has a light taste that matches the taste of modern times, and features "brilliant colors" and "smooth taste."
While maintaining the function of keeping the soy sauce fresh, we have adopted a double-structured "soft sealed bottle" that has evolved ease of use from the pouch container.
Since the soy sauce comes out when you push the bottle and stops when you put it back, you can freely adjust it in every scene from one drop to the amount you want, and you can finish the dish without failure without pouring too much.
It is easy to pour with one hand and does not stop the smooth flow of food.
Since the container does not deform from the beginning to the end, the ease of use does not change.

Internal capacity


Raw material name

Solvent degreased soybeans (soybeans (US or Canada (less than 5%)) (not genetically modified)), wheat, salt / alcohol

Nutritional component value

Per 15.0 ml
energy    15kcal
protein    1.6g
Lipid    0.0g
carbohydrate    1.9g
Dietary fiber    0.1g
Sugar    1.8g
Salt equivalent    2.4g

Allergen contained in this product

Wheat, Soy

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